The Ridemaster

"The Ultimate Fully Interactive Horse Simulator"

The most interactive riding simulator in the world.

The Ridemaster simulates a real 15.2hh medium build horse. It allows the rider to ride to the screen in real-time. The horse is perfectly schooled and capable of doing advanced movements such as medium trot, medium canter, lateral work and rein back. The neck is moveable and the leg aids are detected by 'on the girth' and 'behind the girth' sensors. All movements are mathematically correct

Fully interactive, the screen displays the show ring, you control the horse, the screen displays the results. Giving you positive feedback on your control and riding ability, Practice the same moves to perfect the result.

The Ridemaster software shows moves/tests from three views: Riders, Spectators and Judges (from C marker). Two screens with different views can be run simultaneously making it ideal for teaching 'Equitation Theory', 'BHS' stages exams and giving commercial lecture/demo sessions. Extra software packages are available including pre loaded dressage tests, bespoke packages for leisure rides around a client's premises are also available.

The Ridemaster with the interactive screen offers high income generating potential. Riding schools, colleges and the leisure industry will find the Ridemaster a valuable asset. The fusion of a mechanical horse with a large flat viewing screen and interactive software controlling the viewing experience.  In a gymnasium this is a novel and exhilarating way to work on general fitness - strengthening multiple muscle groups and improving cardio vascular performance. A calorie counter can be added.

The Ridemaster is unrivalled as an instructional aid for novices and experienced riders alike.