The All New Racetrainer

Racetrainer - A racing certainty!!

Racetrainer works the muscles for winning a race.The simulator's head, neck and body stretch out in a synchronised movement, just like a winning horse. This is the first time a jockey can engage in a programme of warm up, aerobic and anaerobic training followed by a recovery period. Packs small to fit in the trunk of a car. Take it to the track to warm up before the race. All the research shows that jockeys win more races after warming up.

Get fit and be a winner!

"I am a jockey coach and highly recommend this new simulator, it is as close to the real thing as you could get"

John Reed MBE (Experienced jockey and leading jockey trainer at the acclaimed Injured Jockey Fund)

"A Great fitness tool for apprentice jockeys"

Apprentice jockey at RACE, Ireland.

"We're really pleased with the product; it's been a fantastic piece of equipment for jockey training and fitness"

Craig Benton, Head Trainer at the Hong Kong Jockey Club

"The simulator we bought off you works fantastically, a massive improvement on the old one, I think any young jockey wanting to race ride its a must!"

David Bridgewater, Bridgewater Racing

"Being able to link it with an app really helps to get an idea of how your fitness is progressing"

Harry Challoner, professional jump jockey for Venetia Williams