The Riding Simulator

The first walk, trot and cantering simulator in the world.

This is the first time a simulator can automatically change from trot to canter just by kick of the leg. Like a 'real horse' it goes faster with applied pressure from the heels, the first kick will make the horse walk, a second a trot and kick again to get the cantering action. It steadies or stops with a pull on the reins, as you would with a real horse.


This makes the Riding Simulator perfect for novice riders and those wanting to develop skills, confidence and stamina as well as being an excellent way to keep fit.

The Riding Simulator is clearly the answer to the developing market for technological support in riding centres and fitness studios. You will be amazed how addictive this simulator is - it's fantastic fun.

Features on all horses are; realistic body shape with padded leather neck and horse hair mane. Realistic walk, trot and canter action. Body leans left and right. 3 or 5 speed kick action. Half halt and stop on reins. Instructors push button speed control. Emergency stop button and key on/off for security.

Unlike the Ridemaster, the Riding Simulator does not include a lateral action (side to side motion of a horse) as standard. This is requested at the time of placing an order – it is optional but recommended.