Eventing / Jumping Simulator

Racewood have launched their


The JUMPING SIMULATOR is the first of a new generation of fully programmable interactive horse simulators.

The JUMPING SIMULATOR can: WALK, TROT, CANTER, GALLOP and JUMP... It can also refuse a jump, and/or fall, if required. (This is a programmable option).

It can perform: CROSS COUNTRY (at different levels) and SHOW JUMPING.

The Simulator has realistic movements in all gaits. The body, neck and head move independently and the different jumping actions are as close as you can get to the real thing.

The Simulator gathers information from the pressure sensors for the:

  • Reins
  • Stirrups
  • Neck
  • Saddle
  • Legs


These are used to control the movement of the horse by steering around the course. Pressure on the reins controls the cantering pace of the horse when approaching the jump. The reins can also slow down or halt the horse at any time. The interactive screen displays ongoing feedback to the rider.


The pressure on the left and right stirrups is measured continually throughout the ride. The on-screen feedback tells the rider if he or she is correctly balanced when jumping.


The display on the screen will show how much the rider uses the neck for balance whilst jumping.


These sensors provide feedback on the rider's weight and balance when seated.


Pressure from the legs is used to make the horse walk, trot and canter. Racewood welcome all potential customers to come and try out the new Racewood Horse Jumping Simulator "the first of its kind in the world".