About Us

  • Making Horses since 1980
  • First Racehorse Simulator 1990
  • First fully motorized horse simulator 1990
  • Trotting Simulator 1995
  • Cantering Simulator 1995
  • Advanced Racehorse Simulators 1996
  • Polo Pony Simulator 2000
  • Riding Simulator 2005
  • Ridemaster 2006
  • Ridemaster 2007 (interactive)
  • Racehorse Simulator Mk9 2007 (interactive)
  • Dressage Simulator 2008

The Company History.

Bill Greenwood, Managing Director of Racewood Ltd developed the first Equiciser in 1990 following an approach from a leading jockey who wanted to maintain his riding skills while recovering from injury.

Since then, the simulator designs have been patented and Racewood have kept ahead of the ever evolving market by designing and manufacturing simulators for riding, dressage and polo. Racewood have developed fully interactive machines and bespoke models for RDA (Riding for the Disabled) groups.

Based in Tarporley, Cheshire, in the North West of the UK, the small family company used local industry to manufacture its product. Racewood is now the market leader of horse simulators worldwide.

The First Horse Simulators

Jockey training schools across the world were the first to discover the potential of using the simulators to train jockeys economically whilst enhance their fitness and skill. Riding schools discovered the benefits of using the simulators to teach beginners and children in a safe and controlled environment. The simulators quickly became a means to generate high income.

Going Interactive

2006 saw the birth of the first fully interactive riding simulator, which then opened doors to a new set of possibilities. Riders were able to ride real time to a screen and enjoy a more engaging and realistic riding experience. Colleges and Universities were swift to incorporate the simulator into their various research projects.

A fully interactive racehorse was soon to follow as was the Dressage Simulator – Racewood's most popular simulator to date.

Worldwide Market Leader

Now, nearly every continent in the world has a Racewood Simulator, whether it is a Polo club in the Alps, racing schools in Asia, Equestrian Centres in sunny California, or city based, dressage enthusiasts, eager to practise riding from the comfort of their own homes.

TV and Film

Over the years Racewood have been approached by film producers, documentary makers, companies making adverts, such as Walker's Crisps, and well known, popular TV shows including the Big Breakfast and A Question of Sport.

Still To Come

Racewood are currently in the design and manufacturing stages of their latest edition – The Show Jumping Simulator. This long awaited and eagerly anticipated simulator will be the latest in horse simulator technology and will replicate perfectly the motion of a jumping horse.

Racewood hope to have this exciting simulator available on the market in the near future.

Racewood Ltd has received funding from the North West Development Agency.