Racing: choose from one of our 3 racehorse simulators ranging from a non motorized simulator that runs from springs to a fully interactive simulator that offers an innovative and exciting interactive experience.

Polo: not only can the Polo Pony Simulator get you practising up to 40 shots per minute on this 3 speed action pony – we can provide a unique ball delivery system and even bespoke model built on a trailer for ease of transport.

Riding: Whether it’s for personal or public use our wide range of riding simulators mean that we can accommodate riders of all abilities, whether that be a simple walking and trotting machine to a fully Interactive Dressage Simulator.

Jumping: The Interactive Simulator will help to improve your performance by visual feedback on your approach, balance, take-off and landing.

Latest News

March 27, 2014 Dubai visit 2014

Bill with Satish and Samir

The Dubai International Horse Fair 2014 was a great success! Not only did we exhibit our new Jumping Simulator but …

January 30, 2014 The Confident Rider’s review of the Dressage Simulator…

Jade Salpietro took the Dressage Simulator for a spin for the first time, under the supervision of instructor Julie Newman. …

January 28, 2014 ‘New Technology for an Old Sport’ Gallop Magazine

For an interesting read on how equestrian simulators can improve and hone jockey performance,  follow the link to an article …

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