Racing: choose from one of our 3 racehorse simulators ranging from a non motorized simulator that runs from springs to a fully interactive simulator that offers an innovative and exciting interactive experience.

Polo: not only can the Polo Pony Simulator get you practising up to 40 shots per minute on this 3 speed action pony – we can provide a unique ball delivery system and even bespoke model built on a trailer for ease of transport.

Riding: Whether it’s for personal or public use our wide range of riding simulators mean that we can accommodate riders of all abilities, whether that be a simple walking and trotting machine to a fully Interactive Dressage Simulator.

Jumping: The Interactive Simulator will help to improve your performance by visual feedback on your approach, balance, take-off and landing.

Latest News

November 28, 2016 Equitana Essen 2017


Come and see the 3 day Eventing and Dressage simulators in action at Equitana 2017! Racewood will be exhibiting in …

August 26, 2015 Racing for Pinks

Ooh what’s this….?

on RT on RT2

Yep – that’s a candyfloss, bubblegum, Chanel pink RaceTrainer. We’ve broken the mold a bit on this …

August 19, 2015 From Cheshire to South Africa


Everybody loves receiving a parcel… but when that parcel is the VERY FIRST 3 Day Eventing Simulator to arrive in …

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